Expo Rouw/Mourning, Doorn (NL)

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In 2021 is the centennial of the death of the former German Empress Auguste Victoria in Huis Doorn. Twenty years later her husband, the last Emperor Wilhelm II also died in this house where they had been living since their exile from the German empire in 1919.
For the exhibition Mourning. From Empress to Corona. Huis Doorn went back in time, when the House was shrouded in black. Funeral flowers adorned the death chambers, chandeliers were draped in black tulle, mirrors were covered and the dining room looked just as it did after Auguste Victoria’s death: with a coffin, black rugs, palms and candlesticks.

In an annex in the garden was an overview presented of collective mourning in the Netherlands over the last 100 years. It showed how In the course of the 20th century, personal mourning disappeared from the streets and how a new form of public mourning has taken its place. How to deal with major events like the Bijlmer disaster or the crash of MH17? Seas of flowers after the death of Pim Fortuyn and André Hazes might tell us something about how we deal with grief and mourning? 


De tentoonstelling ‘Rouw. Van keizerin tot corona’ was te zien van 1 oktober 2021 t/m 3 juli 2022.

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