Cemetery Dieweg Brussel (B)

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Dieweg Cemetery is situated in the Belgian municipality of Uccle in the Brussels-Capital Region. The cemetery is located along an old road, the Dieweg, hence the name of the cemetery.

The cemetery was built during a cholera epidemic in 1866 and was extended in 1902, 1906 and 1923 as the place soon filled up. In 1877 a Jewish cemetery was added after the Jewish cemetery of Saint-Gilles was decommissioned. The Jewish graves make up about one third of all graves.

When a new cemetery was opened in Verrewinkel in 1945 burials at Dieweg became rare and from 1958 the place ws no longer taken care of so ‘nature’ could take its course here, leading to a rich fauna and flora, combined with funerary heritage. Since 1997, the Dieweg cemetery in its entirety has been listed as a monument.

All pictures are taken by Claudia Venhorst at Dieweg Cemetery, 15 August 2021.

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