Area 51, Nevada (USA)

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There are these places that you vaguely heard about. Which is interesting in itself: why would one in the Netherlands hear about Area 51 at all? Area 51 is a (secret) military area, many belief that the US government collects all kinds of information on UFO’s and aliens from here and one is not truly open about the findings.

During our road trip through the Southwest I had already met a number of people who spontaneously shared their beliefs concerning aliens with me. In rather casual conversations the aliens – or the refreshing idea that Jesus definitely was an alien – popped up. I was struck by the serious tone most people applied. Traveling through often exceptional and mysterious landscapes in this part of the world, I was wondering if this in any way contributes to boosting people’s beliefs. At least the areas seem to attract people who belief in aliens or in the healing power of yoga and gemstone therapy (like in Sedona).  

The ride from Vegas to Amargosa provides you with stunning Nevada scenery and a stop the Area 51 Center provides you with a gas station, an alien themed diner and a wide variety of alien kitsch! But it doesn’t end there… there is also a legal Alien & Cathouse brothel (interesting combi), an all year fireworks sale (shoot them here!) and a huge billboard (Hof!) for the local sheriff’s election.

And.. the cherry on the cake… was the missing cat (a hairless sphinx called parsnip) note.

All pictures taken May 20 2018, Amorgosa NV USA.

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