Encino (NM, USA): Guadalupe Cemetery

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Encino is a rather small rural community (ranches and farmland) with an estimated 77 inhabitants today. In the early 20th century the village was a Basque settlement, with most of its inhabitants coming from the same community in Spain. The cemetery can be found right on the roadside, where we noticed it on our way to Santa Fe as the colourfull flowers caught our attention. The oldest grave I could trace is of an infant who died in 1917.  Guadalupe cemetery is also known as Encino Catholic Cemetery.

In small graveyards like this the special headstones of those who served the US army in various wars particularly stand out. It is a reminder of how many men from small and rather isolated communities served overseas during WW I & II, the Korea War and in Vietnam.

All photographs are taken by Claudia Venhorst, May 2018.


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