Kraków (PL): All Saints at Rakowicki – day

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I visited Rakowicki cemetery several times during the first of November – All Saint’s Day and an official holiday in Poland. It was a busy place both during the day and the night. The cemetery gates opened at 6 in the morning and would only close after the last person had left. During the day the atmosphere was quite hectic with people rushing around with flowers and candles. The city had facilitated easy commutes between the various cemeteries by planning extra tram lines (they even built extra platforms) and the police was busy managing the crowd. During daytime, it were the bright colored flowers that draw most of the attention, which was immediately taken over by the candlelights once the dark moves in.  At the cemetery, one could find tables with church officials registering mass offerings. The names registered (and paid for) were later read out loud through the chapel speakers.



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