Kraków (PL): Sunday morning at Rakowicki cemetery

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It was quite a special experience, my morning walk at the Cmentarz Rakowicki in Kraków. When I reached the cemetery via one of the rear entrances, I heard church bells ringing from afar. In a chapel on the premises, the Sunday morning service started and could be followed through speakers throughout the cemetery. Around the church, but especially near the tombs people were attending mass by praying, kneeling and singing.  Sometimes with one hand on the tombstone or by standing together at a child’s grave. Quite an powerful ritualization of ‘continuing bonds’. It gave a sense of Sunday, family day – visiting your loved ones and doing what you’ve done all your life on Sundays, together …

All pictures were taken on Sunday 7 May 2017 at Rakowicki Cemetery, Kraków, Poland.

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