Stroe/Hippolytushoef Cemetery (NL)

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Stroe is a hamlet (160 inhabitants) on the former island of Wieringen. By draining, dikes and landfill from 1924 to 1932, the island was rejoined to the mainland. The quite picturesque cemetery is situated on a higher piece of land that has been considered a kind of mystical place. Reports on the site date back to the 8th century. A church is mentioned that was supposedly christened by the first bishop of Utrecht, the Holy Willibrordus (658-739). In the pre-Christian era there was a pagan temple and the name “Heathen Chapel” is has been used for centuries among the Wieringer population to also refer to the church. Around 1880 this church was demolished and in November 2016 the current chapel was opened.

The cemetery has a mix of older and new gravestones, dating back to the early 19th century. Striking were the quite elaborate, sometimes humoristic, epitaphs.

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