Zürich (CH): Friedhof Fluntern

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Zürich is a neat and (over) organised city in a neat and (over) organised country. And so are it’s cemeteries. In particular on a very sunny day in spring Friedhof Fluntern looks astonishing. But what I found far more interesting was the given that a complete funeral/cremation/burial is free of charge for the inhabitants of Zürich (cantonal law). The number of cremations is high (80%) and it is quite common to be buried in a ‘Gemeinschaftsgrab’ – a collective or communal grave. Here, urns are interred in a meadow-like space but their exact spot is not marked. Names of the deceased are added to a central monument or name wall. Also here you see how the bereaved try to attach special items to these names, to personalize them, to mark them.

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