12 Graves 2016: December


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Twelve months ago I started my project 12 graves 2016. In January I made my choice of graves from our local cemeteries (general cemetery, natural burial ground and Muslim cemetery) and photographed them every month. It was a wonderful experience! Visiting them at set times opened my eyes for a lot of things going on these cemeteries in general and on the graves in particular. It makes you wonder about who is buried there and those close to them who come to visit. It makes you wonder about the seasons and the way the light and the weather influences the cemetery mood.   I have become quite attached to some of the graves I have been photographing. Every month I longed to see them again and ‘read’ the stories of the month that had passed and discover the story of that very moment.  Now that twelve months have passed, I have twelve photos to remind me of those stories. Twelve photos that connect a year in the life of a grave.

The idea is to visit 12 graves, 12 times (monthly) in 2016 to see/photograph what changes and what stays the same.
I did another round of taking pictures on three of our local cemeteries (general graveyard, natural burial site and Islamic cemetery). I will post a monthly update.

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