Murid Spirituality. A lived Eschatology.

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Recently published in  Studies in Spirituality 25, 291-312. doi: 10.2143/SIS.25.0.3112898 © 2015

Murid Spirituality. A lived Eschatology.

Spiritual thought and practices of the West African Sufi order of the Muridiyya are strongly framed by eschatology. The belief in ‘the last things’ does not only shape attitudes towards death and afterlife but also provides leading guidelines for life and living. The article explores three interconnected domains that provide the eschatological backdrop against which Murid spirituality is brought together: tradition presented in the longstanding Sufi tradition in Islam,teacher the exemplary life and teachings of shaykh Amadu Bamba the founder of the order and a model to his followers, and place referring to the holy city of Touba the physical and spiritual centre of the Muridiyya. The reader is guided through Murid webs of significance and their common spiritual practices, providing insights in Muslim lived eschatology in general and Sufi eschatology in particular.

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