Cremains (NL): ash-scattering at natural burial site

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Just 50 metres from the crematorium ash-scattering facilities, the neighbouring natural burial site also provides ash-dispersal plots. Here the scattering place can be marked with names and messages on wooden plaques. Here also a lot of fresh flowers and even some flower beds. Striking is the number of German ashes. Venlo is situated directly at the German border and a popular shopping destination for Germans from North Rhine Westphalia. But they also come to Venlo after they die. To be cremated and to make use of the liberal Dutch disposal options. In Germany it is not permitted to take the ashes home – they have to be buried at a cemetery or to be placed at a columbarium. Cremation in the Netherlands provides them with more options; dispersal at the natural burial grounds is one of them. The majority of wooden plaques I saw, had German names and messages on it.


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